Aldamar - Inspección técnica de barcos

Inspección técnica de barcos

What is the technical inspection of pleasure craft?

Surveys and inspections vary according to their type and characteristics of the boat.

The inspector will check the condition of the hull, propulsion plant, electrical installation, cover and tanks - plus rigging if the leads - and that the vessel has on board with mandatory safety equipment and documentation.

The boat must have the Certificate of Airworthiness, or failing that of other documentation proving their registration in the Merchant Marine.

Aldamar - ITB

The owner will choose where to carry out the inspection (maritime club, port, dock, etc.), must be the boat ready and in the right conditions.

The boat owner should contact us in advance to allow inspectors a schedule of visits.

Should I pass technical inspection of pleasure craft?

established in Royal Decree
5 types of awards

Private boats
(List 7th)

Rental boats
(List 6th)


It is carried out by the Maritime Administration after which the Certificate of Airworthiness be issued.


It is conducted every five years maximum.

Length >=6m and <24m

Length >=2.5m and <24m


Between the second and third year.

Length >=15m and <24m


Length >=6m and <24m

Length >=6m and <24m wooden-hulled


Mandatory when the boat make repairs or modifications on its hull, machinery and equipment as well as after having been aground, collisions, etc.


At the request of the judicial or maritime authorities

Short legal review

The regulations relating to regulatory inspection of pleasure boats can be found on the website of the Ministry of Development. So you can know what your obligations as an owner.

ROYAL DECREE 1434/1999, of 10 September, establishes mandatory surveys and inspections.

ORDER FOM / 1144/2003, as amended by Order FOM / 1076/2006, determines safety equipment, rescue, fire, navigation and spill prevention.

Royal Decree 1185/2006 establishes radio equipment.

Seaworthiness certificate / Certificate of Registration

This document certifies the ability of the vessel to be used. Any reference to the Certificate of Airworthiness is equally applicable to the Certificate of Registration, both equivalent for the purposes of inspection.

The certificate, sealed by the inspection entity collaborator, is the document that certifies against the maritime authority, users, customers, insurance companies, etc. the boat has passed statutory surveys designed to ensure SAFETY AT SEA.

Certificate (...) shall be kept on board. Should be required by the competent authorities and not be such Certificate on board, there will be a period of five working days of the request, to justify to them the existence and validity of the certificate on the date on which it was made the requirement. (ROYAL DECREE 1434/1999 Art.4.3)

The owners of pleasure craft will be responsible for daily maintenance of the Certificates ... (ROYAL DECREE 1434/1999 Art.4.4)

They are serious offenses (...) navigation lacking Certificate (...) or do so under that certificate expired. (ROYAL DECREE 1434/1999 Art.12.a) and performing works of transformation or change engine without authorization or in breach of the rules governing it (ROYAL DECREE 1434/1999 Art.12.b)

They are very serious offenses (...) sailing yachts and sports that, lacking the appropriate Certificate (...) not also meet the due seaworthy, jeopardizing their safety. (ROYAL DECREE 1434/1999 Art.13.a)

BEFORE PURCHASING A VESSEL AND REGISTERED IN SPAIN MAKE SURE IF YOU HAVE seaworthiness certificate or certificate of registration IN FORCE.

Navigation Areas currently established are:

Zone 1: unlimited Navigation
Zone 2: Navigating less than 60 miles from the coastline.
Zone 3: Navigating less than 25 miles from the coastline.
Zone 4: Navigating less than 12 miles from the coastline.
Zone 5: Sailing to less than 5 miles from a shelter or accessible beach.
Zone 6: Sailing to less than 2 miles from a shelter or accessible beach.
Zone 7: Navigation in protected coastal waters, ports, harbors, estuaries, sheltered bays and protected waters in general.

Not to be confused Area Navigation (assigned by the General Directorate of Merchant Marine depending on the security team) with Category Design (assigned by the manufacturer under the conditions of wind and sea which is projected the boat). The plate contained in your boat is the latter.